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Preserving Our Native Land and Culture

The work of NALC is focused on three key areas: protecting sacred sites, education and advocacy, and scientific research. Our work is representative of the desires of multiple tribes, and guided by our Board of Directors. We are fully donor and partner supported and collaborate with other organizations with goals in alignment with ours.

Sacred Sites

The NALC continues to protect and acquire sacred lands across Southeastern California. We currently own and manage sacred land at The Old Woman Mountains Preserve and Coyote Hole.

NALC also worked alongside other tribes, conservation groups, and agencies in order to protect the 1640-acre Horse Canyon in the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Education and Advocacy

NALC offers cultural enrichment and education programs such as Learning Landscapes and the Salt Song Project. These efforts connect more people to Native American culture and to the sacred sites that are so important to us.

On the advocacy front, NALC is a proud participant in the Native American Congress and partners with a wide of organizations looking to further conservation and celebration of Native people and places.

Research Studies

In 2008, the NALC published a complete guide to the flora and fauna of the Old Woman Mountains Preserve. This scientific research has provided much needed information for an understudied area of the Mojave Desert.

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