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Acquiring, preserving, and protecting our sacred lands since 1998

Support us in safeguarding ancestral lands and preserving the rich heritage of Native American communities. Your support is crucial in protecting these sacred places for future generations.

Who We Are

Dedicated to acquiring, preserving, and protecting our sacred lands.

Our mission goes beyond conservation. We are dedicated to aligning environmental protection with Indigenous well-being. We delicately balance the intrinsic value of sacred lands with sustainable practices, serving as stewards of a legacy that integrates cultural heritage with the natural landscape. Your support is vital in shaping a future where cultural richness thrives alongside the natural world. Every contribution becomes part of an enduring legacy, preserving the sacred for generations.


Join us and explore our journey, discover the stories within the lands we protect, and be a catalyst for a sustainable and culturally enriched tomorrow.


Protecting Wildlife

Join us in preserving ancestral lands. Explore the untamed beauty of our heritage and safeguard the future of wildlife with the Native American Land Conservancy.


Protecting Our Environment

Connect with the spirit of conservation at the Native American Land Conservancy. We are dedicated to safeguarding our sacred environment, preserving the delicate balance of nature. Join us in cherishing and protecting our ancestral lands, ensuring a sustainable future where the beauty of the earth thrives for all.


Protecting Indigenous Culture

Dedicated to upholding Indigenous heritage and safeguarding biodiversity, the Native American Land Conservancy is deeply committed to acquiring, preserving, and protecting sacred sites.

Updates At Your Disposal

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Protect Kw’tsán National Monument!

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Ways You Can Help

Discover ways you can contribute to our mission. Whether through donations or volunteering, you play a vital role in aiding us to acquire, preserve, and safeguard sacred sites.

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