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Mamápukaiv (The Old Woman Mountains)


Supported in part by Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, the NALC purchased the cultural landscape that is now the Old Woman Mountains Preserve, an area traditionally known as Mamápukaiv. 


The 2,416-acre Preserve is located in the Ward Valley, 40 miles west of the Colorado River in the northern extension of the Old Woman Mountains. 

Mamápukaiv, is a sacred landscape where the presence of the ancestors still remains.  Today, the Native American Land Conservancy manages this sacred landscape, to preserve it as an undisturbed area where cultural continuity and tribal identity can flourish.

Coyote Hole


Transferred from the County of San Bernardino to the NALC in 2018, our Coyote Hole preserve is a very special place. Though we steward only a small portion of the larger Coyote Hole landscape, the Conservancy is honored to preserve and protect this landscape.

Adjoining Joshua Tree National Park, the preserve has many visitors. Our volunteer site monitor corps made up of caring neighbors helps us in our work to ensure respectful stewardship. If you visit, please, do not climb on the rocks, take only pictures, and leave only footprints.

Events and News 

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