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At the heart of the Native American Land Conservancy lies a dedication to education. We strive to pass down cultural heritage and instill a profound sense of environmental stewardship. Through knowledge, we cultivate a deep respect for ancestral lands, fostering a sustainable legacy that harmonizes with nature, ensuring a future where tradition and conservation walk hand in hand.

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Hunat Paac Pihaaka'
Learning Center

Welcome to Hunat Paac Pihaaka' Learning Center, presented by the Native American Land Conservancy! Nestled in Morongo Valley beside a serene creek, our center serves as a hub for exploration and learning.

Immerse yourself in Indigenous narratives and sustainable practices through guided adventures along the creek's edge. Join us in honoring and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous lands.

Our transformative experience at Hunat Paac Pihaaka' is available by invitation and permission only. Stay connected for updates and opportunities to engage with this unique space.

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