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Our organization supports advocacy efforts that center and uplift Indigenous communities and their priorities. We align our work with initiatives whose principles seek to uphold and realize the inherent rights of Indigenous people and nature. This includes ensuring Indigenous peoples and Tribal Nations are empowered to assert their sovereignty and self-determination. We are currently involved in various endeavors to protect desert landscapes from threats including mining, harmful development, vandalism and climate change. It is our responsibility to speak up for the wellbeing of plants, animals, insects and all of our nonhuman relatives.

Our advocacy extends beyond engagement with stakeholders, governments, and corporations. We are small part of a much greater global network of Indigenous-led organizations who work on-the-ground and in public policy to address the systemic injustices of colonization, genocide, land theft, forced relocation, boarding schools and other harms imposed onto Indigenous people. As such, we deeply value supporting Native artists, creatives, scholars, cultural educators, cultural programs and experts because it fosters a more comprehensive picture of how we advocate for ourselves and our homelands. By nurturing these types of reciprocal relationships in Indian Country, we better support each other and our contributions to collective healing.


Cultural and
Environmental Advocacy

We protect cultural sites and natural resources from the destruction of industrial development.

Kw'tsán National Monument

We support the Kw'tsán National Monument.

Oppose Cadiz, Inc Water Project

The Native American Land Conservancy opposes the Cadiz Water Project.


We support


Chuckwalla National Monument

We support

the Chuckwalla National Monument.



Rooted in the origins of our organization, one of our main objectives is to be a part of the movement to return Indigenous lands to Indigenous hands. Due to colonization, financial coercion, and land theft by settlers, Native Americans hold only around 2% of their original homelands in what is now the United States. When requested, we collaborate on land acquisitions for Tribes and Tribal communities, and care for preserves that hold important cultural, spiritual, and natural values. We also pursue avenues to support regional and national LandBack efforts through grassroots advocacy and public policy.

Save Our Springs and Oppose the Cadiz, Inc. Water Project

The NALC is committed to protecting deserts from harmful development projects that would irreversibly damage the integrity of their complex ecosystems and desecrate culturally important
areas. Our “Save Our Springs” project aims to protect desert springs from projects that plan to extract water from desert aquifers and sell it for profit to coastal cities. Desert springs have always been an incredibly important place for Indigenous peoples and are an essential part of supporting life in the desert. Click the button below to learn more. 

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